Wish Stories

Wish Stories

WISHES MAKE A TREMENDOUS IMPACT in the lives of both the wish children and their family members.  As the father of a wish recipient writes: “These kids battling cancer and other diseases go through hell and the week at Disney, Universal, and other attractions really make an incredible difference in their lives and what many believe to be a difference in their outcomes.”


Jessica’s Social Worker Explained:

“Thank you again for giving her that second wish; her medical journey is far from over, but that wish came at such a crucial time in her life. I feel like kids like her can really lose hope that they will have a meaningful future because so many doors are closed to them because of their medical condition and/or disabilities. That wish really sparked something, where she saw these fascinating career opportunities that were not hindered by her disability. In the water she has no limits!

I think the wish and the relationships she created not only sparked hope and generated ideas, but it gave her something to be passionate about, goals, and things to dream about for the future. I think these kids who just have so many surgeries and are stuck in bed all the time in so much pain, risk falling into a place of depression and deep despair. I honestly can’t blame them. To have something that you love in your life that you can look forward to doing again, can be the literal saving grace.

Anyhow, I could go on and on about all of this because Jessica has been on this journey since she was like three years old. Cancer can steal a million things from a person, but it can’t take away hope if you still have even the faintest of sparks left, and the love and support of others who remind you of that. Thank you again for what you did to reignite that fire inside of her. She is still living and fighting and now helping others at her place of employment, and she’s still swimming!”