Gabriel Receives a Special Medical Bed


In October 2013, Gabriel, an 18 year old wish child from Florida received a custom made “Courtney Bed”.  Gabriel has suffered his entire life from significant cerebral palsy, developmental delay and severe scoliosis.  He had been sleeping in a crib that only exacerbated his issues.  The family had applied through their insurance on multiple occasions to get a proper bed for Gabriel, and was repeatedly met with denial.  They vehemently explored multiple financial routes.  When Gabriel was seventeen years old, his family decided to submit an application to the foundation, simply requesting a bed that would greatly enhance his quality of life.  Gabriel’s mother was ecstatically reduced to tears when she was told we would providing Gabriel with a bed that is custom made for children who are severely handicapped with cerebral palsy.  It has been specifically built for Gabriel, down to the color!  What seemed impossible for the family has now been made possible!

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