Bob’s Discount Funiture Makes a Difference!

Bob’s Discount Furniture has been providing quality furniture at affordable prices to their customers since 1991.  Caring for their patrons is at the core of Bob’s Discount Furniture’s values.  They take it even further by providing both aid and donations to hundreds of organizations that operate in communities that they service – both through Bob’s Discount Furniture Charitable Foundation and Bob’s Outreach.

The Marty Lyons Foundation has been fortunate to receive such tremendous assistance from Bob’s Outreach for our wish children.  Most recently, we had a child from Queens who is unfortunately at the losing end of a long battle with her illness.  Realizing that the best wish she could receive was a bedroom makeover, making her last days as comfortable as possible, MLF immediately asked Bob’s for their help.  They wasted no time jumping in to assist!  Their expedience and generosity blew us away.  When dealing with children who have progressive terminal illnesses, time is of the essence and we could not be more in awe of how quickly they rose to the occasion.

Understanding how important this wish was to our wish child, Bob’s team sought out to create a paradise.  They donated the items on our wish child’s “wish list”, including accessories they thought would bring a nice pop to the room and a gift card for the family.  Their team organized the delivery and assembly of the items in a week’s time! 

What they helped to provide for our wish child is truly an oasis from the grueling days ahead and a wonderful place to offer a respite.  Also, by so graciously donating all of the items requested, we are able to stretch our modest budget to grant more wishes for children in need.  Bob’s Discount Furniture is not just a terrific company for their great furniture at even better prices, but also for their wonderful giving.   Every bit helps when we work to fulfill the wishes of children diagnosed with life-threatening and terminal illnesses.  We certainly would not be able to do it without companies such as Bob’s Discount Furniture.