Bethany Hamilton Meets Local Wish Child

Campbell , New Jersey

In June 2013, Campbell, a 7 year old wish child from New Jersey, was granted a second wish to meet the soul surfer herself, the very inspirational Bethany Hamilton. Campbell was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2009 and has recurrent ependymoma – a tumor of the central nervous system. She has undergone so many procedures to eradicate these tumors which keep reappearing in her brain and spine. The journey this girl has had to endure over the past few years is just as inspirational as Bethany Hamilton’s story. Her parent’ wish is that “if the cancer was going to take her away from us, we would have encouraged her to choose something unique and one of a kind just like she is.” As a second wish, this one was certainly unique and also fitting as a spiritual journey for a child whose situation seems so dire. We hope this wish has provided Campbell with the courage to keep fighting her battle.

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